Stephanie Leitl, born in Vienna, Austria, always had a fascination for images and light that came from her great grand father Anton Lutz, an impressionistic painter. 2002, after graduating from high school she started her search for her own images and stories within them. This search lead her to her first internship on a film set. Finally having found her medium she worked on various projects in Vienna. 2004 she moved to Berlin for one year to work as an intern in a camera equipment rental.

2005 she was accepted at Munich Television and Film University into the feature film department. Receiving 4 years of profound classical education in directing, screenwriting and cinematography. Shortly before graduating she was awarded a one-year scholarship to Beijing Film Academy.

After graduating from both academies Stephanie continued to live and work in China for 6 years. She shot various commercials and feature films as a cinematographer. Additionally, she started writing her own projects. A couple of screenplays and TV pilots were created.

Before moving back to Europe in winter of 2014 she directed her first short film “Eternally” which is screening at film festivals worldwide. For the moment Stephanie has returned to Vienna where she develops several screenplays together with Chinese, Austrian and German directors.

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