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恭喜发财之说钱谈爱 - Money and Love

An IT man is misunderstood by his girlfriend and their relationship derails; An office party gets out of hand; A bra designer’s believes that in order to capture the hearts of men, a change of bra size is needed; A rich girl gets a fake foreign boyfriend in attempt to escape her father’s marriage arrangements; A young singer dreams of becoming a big star; A  simple and honest man get in troubles for his girlfriends luxury bag;  A young artist becomes desperate for success . Somehow, these people are linked together by a mysterious force. 

Director: Sam Sun
Production: Heilongjiang Film Studio Co., Ltd.(CN), Zhejiang Dongyang Zhongguang Television Culture Co., Ltd.(CN)
China, 2016
Shot on: Arri Alexa – Kova Anamorphics

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