判我有罪 - Sentence me guilty

The setting  is a large city hospital where the 4-year-old daughter of 30-ish staff doctor Feng Xuehui (Li Xinyun) has lost her battle with brain tumors. Immediately following the tragedy, Xuehui is confronted by an angry mob claiming she “killed” a patient. The connections between these two incidents and most of the movie’s mysteries are explained in a rapid series of events that finds implicated fellow staffer Dr. Liu (Guo Zhongyou) committing suicide, and smarmy, opera-loving hospital administrator Kang (Leon Dai) attempting to cover up serious cases of bribery and malpractice.

Director: Sun Liang
Production: Guangzhou Zhixing Film & TV Culture (CN), Star Run Film & TV Culture Media (Beijing) (CN)
China, 2016
Shot on: Arri Alexa – Zeiss HIGH SPEEDS

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